About Aashiyaan

When cities are labelled unsafe, women appear as statistics and victims. Aashiyaan (आशियाँ) is an interactive mobile documentary, co-created by domestic workers and homemakers from Delhi, that challenges the dehumanization by presenting cross-class experiences of women in the city. The domestic labour performed by these ‘invisible’ women, shapes their creative labour as they set up conversations, film everyday activities, and even chase peacocks!

Aashiyaan translates to a nest, a home… your own personal sanctuary. The app presents the women’s stories as an interactive mobile app, inviting you to listen to and participate in their conversations about how they navigate unsafe urban geographies. An audio-visual gallery brings you accounts of nostalgia, loss and desire.

Filmed entirely in India, this transmedia project was developed with support from artists, volunteers, hackers and friends in New Delhi, India; Ryerson and York Universities, Canada; Code for Boston, USA; and the Open Documentary Lab at MIT, USA.


Manorama & Pushpa
Reeta & Shahina
Sangeeta & Gurvinder
Deepa & Jaskeerat

These domestic workers and their employers i.e. homemakers in Delhi are the co-creators of Aashiyaan. Stay tuned for the long form interactive which will show you their lives.

Questions, Answered

How can I help?

Download the app and encourage others to do so! Share your stories and strategies with #AashiyaanStories.

How can I contribute?

If you’re a developer, UI/UX designer, translator, animator or editor and want to contribute write to us at idoc.conversations@gmail.com.

I want to do more!

Organise living room or porch conversations between domestic workers and homemakers about their experiences of the city you live in. Document and share photos, videos and comments with us.

When can we see the long form?

Watch this space for more information on the life stories of the co-creators.

How may I access more resources?

Write to us at idoc.conversations@gmail.com and we’ll email you a list!